Vente Cinco Diaz

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Vente Cinco Diaz

Well, I’ve thought of about a dozen Titles for this post:   Lost and alone,  Gas-you have a choice in Guatemala,  Coconut Husk Pants, back in play!  Things on the map are sometimes not what they appear or my favorite, I brought 5 pairs of underwear-you do the math.

That’s right, I’ve done laundry once.   I’ve actually stopped trying to figure out what my cleanest piece of clothing is.   Ok, so, it’s been a while since I’ve updated.   Let’s see, a lot has happened.  I just realized, I forgot to upload the Lake Atitlan, Panajachel photos, darn it.   Well, will send them later, actually, I will post them on facebook page.   Check it out.   I have to pay for the internet by the hour now, so I am rushing to get this done.   Anyway, On my way out of Panajachel,  a guy on a KLR 650 caught me, and he was from……you guessed it Boulder.   He say my CO plates and he chased me down.   His name was Brandon James I think?   Anyway, he is younger so he was actually living in Pana for a while, so he had some good info.   I should have just stopped and had lunch with him, but, he advised me to take this road to Totonicipan or something like that.   He said it was a new road and I should not miss it.   So after going the way the GPS told me, I said, fuck it, I’m going to find this road.   I don’t know if I did or not, and I’ve cursed Brandon and then I’ve un cursed him, about 20 times.   I think I actually missed the road, and I ended up on CA 1 and was pretty pissed for a while.   Then, last night I ended up struggling to make it to Scalapulus.    The GPS was sending me mixed signals, the locals were telling me one thing.   There was the language barrier, and I was lost.    So, I had to get a hotel at dusk in a little mountain town.   I felt like I was in a Guatemalan prison, but it turns out that it was ok.   I had a crazy drive today on dirt roads for about 6 hours and I m now in a really cool place called Languin.    Near Samuc Champay.    Very cool.   Tomorrow I think I will try to check out the Champay.   I hear it is a rough road.   The trip comes with ultra lows and highs.   I am now just running short of time to get to Belice.   Yes, they spell it with a c here.     Oh, I fogot to tell you.   Remember the wind?   Well my map blew away.   Right out of my tank bag.   Freakin crazy………I had forgotten to zip it all the way.

If you could see what fly’s by my helmet visor each day.   Amazing stuff.

Ok, out, Pancho.


Here are some pics:   Mostly dirt today,  Old School Guate Ice Shaver, Kids, and Kids where scared of me, The mountains in Guate, are green bumps………


DCIM100GOPRO P1050227 P1050232 P1050233 P1050241



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