The snow and freezing rain continues

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The snow and freezing rain continues

If we have one more day of freezing rain and snow I think I’m gonna puke.  Hello friends, well, the snow and freezing rain just will not stop.   It’s like I’ve all of a sudden moved from Boulder to, oh…I don’t know, Vermont?  I don’t know exactly what winters are like in Vermont but this is how I picture them.   Nothing against Vermont, I like Vermont, just as much as any other Eskimo, but…but I just want to be able to RIDE!  Arrgg…@%^$*&^&)*!  I saw three people fall on their asses today, and I almost bit it.   Really, I feel like I’ve been in some kind of, oh wait, it’s the polar vortex!

Also, I needed to test blogging from my computer instead of the phone, so if the photo’s are screwy I’ll work on it.   So, I’ve been scraping windshields and packing, and my list for some reason, keeps getting bigger.   I’ve decided that I will depart on Thursday, whatever the weather is doing….get spiked tires or something….I’m going to the House of Motorad one more time on Wednesday to get some tire pressure monitors, a bigger windshield, and get the brake fluid changed.   I fought it as long as I could but apparently you need the stuff to be fresh when things get hot.   Hot, that is what I need, so, it looks like there may be a break in the weather soon, and my first leg is going to be from Lyons to Albuquerque, that’s no easy word to spell.  I just hope the ride smooth and I don’t freeze.  If all goes well. I will be crossing the border sometime this weekend and will report back then.    Feeling a bit bummed out that I will miss Ry’s b-day for the first time this year.  Here is the picture of some packing (just need to cram all of the stuff on the floor into the two metal boxes) and the Guitar that I got for RyAnna for her 7th B-day!IMG_3839 IMG_3840 IMG_3841It’s a sweet little sunburst mini with an orange strap…I hope she likes it.  She will have to sing her own b-day chant this year.   Oh RyAnna, Sweet RyAnna, Sweet RyAnna Rain….







  1. You can’t get there from here on two wheels, but why not Malta if you are looking for a great tax break?

    • I can’t get there on two wheels? I can’t believe I didn’t figure that one out before I left. Darn it. Good thing I brought my bathing suit I guess.

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