The Hotel Tequila? or the Real Tequila Hotel?

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The Hotel Tequila? or the Real Tequila Hotel?

That is the question that I ask you my dear readers from colder climates.  I chose the REAL tequila hotel of course, because that had secure moto parking… Ahem,  First of all its HOT down here, (the coconut husk pants are way too hot-Jessica B you are right, gotta do something about this)  but…. its still cold at night?  From the Title of this post, you guessed it, I’m in Tequila.   Home of….wait for it.. Tequila.   For dinner tonight I had Pechuga de Pollo in. What? oh Tequila.   Actually it was really good.   Tequila is everywhere.   You can get shots (to sip of course) on every street corner, Margs too.   Tequila tours are abundant and you can visit all of the different distilleries, Agave Agave, Agave.Tequila Tequila Tequila….. Well, it’s a cute town- a little too touristica for me but I’m still glad I came.   Being able to take route 54 down from Zacatecas was Awesome.  I’m having a little trouble getting the videos of my riding and the roads and scenery, but trust me, it’s beautiful and you will like the vids.   I’ve ridden 1900 miles in 8 days Anyone ever tried this?   I feel like a Mexican trucker.     The last two were the best roads so far.  Super twisty and curvy and smooth.  As you approach the Guadalajara area, the lushness comes back into play. The Bouganvallia (ok, i can’t spell that word) starts to pop, the mountains are a really cool backdrop all around.  Traffice in Guadalajara sucked, but to be expected.   I am soooooo close to the pacific I can almost smell it.   I am tempted to take the road to Puerto Vallarta, and Sayulita, and take a loop around on route 200 (Keith Berger I really do) but the problem is,  it would take a bit too much time as I would have to back track after.  So I am going to take the beach time south of Oaxaca when I get there as I have not yet explored that area yet.  Everyone says no-go in the states of Mihoacan, and Guerrero so that means I can’t take the coast road all the way so I have to go back towards Mexico city.   I admit, I am getting a bit tired of cities but I do feel there are some good things in store when I head east above, over and around Mexico city, but I am looking forward to Oaxaca and beyond the most.   The bike is running perfect.   I stick out like a sore thumb as everyone stares at me from their cars.   And I’ve had no less than 5 non-understood conversations about it.   They usually go like this:   Ah moto?  ochchenta cientos?  me, yes 800.   yo tuentlsolcjljadjfjdfojsljlsjljflkjdoaohjen938u…something like that, and I say, yep…and then, Colorado Rockies inevitably comes up, and, well, then were done.  And then I pour the water bottles into my camel back and head back out on the road.  And, it’s been a cool road.   Here are some pictures from the go pro (sorry no vids) by the way, everyone has been super helpful and supportive of me.   I think I am going to petition the Mexican tourism board to use me and my videos (if I could ever get them to upload) to help promote tourism.    I have not seen a single gringo tourist.   Nada one….     I need to get to sleep.  Last night there was what some sort of Banda, band contest in the square right outside my hotel even the moto earplugs didn’t help.   Hey, two more things.   1.  Feel free to comment.   I now know how to allow them (Staci, can you please make it so comments are automatically allowed?) and 2 , feel free to pass the sign up info to your friends.   I want a bigger audience.  David C, welcome aboard, I saw a cool Mexican burro today.   Ok, enough…now.  Trivia:   All the way down from the North, I’ve seen these huge tree farms all planted in diagonal rows, they are all black and not in bloom, and no leaves now.  What kid of trees are they?  I don’t actually know, but I have a good idea.  Winner gets a bag of whatever they are.

Ciao for now…


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