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There was a gratetful dead album with this title, so, I’ve always been intrigued.   Oaxaca is a very cool town indeed.    The is a rich history and you can eat insects.   Yes, of course, I tried them.   Grasshopper, cricket, whatever….  Crunchy, spicy, not bad, really.   Good protein. I mean,  I’m not going to carry around a bag of them like some people do, but there seems to be no shortage of bugs to eat here.   There were hundreds of insect vendors.   The food of the future perhaps?   Anyway, I strolled a market, and of course I had to try the Chocolate water.  Had that instead of my tea.    Ry, you would have loved it! Chocolate water.   It’s like hot chocolate, only better somehow.      You can eat chocolate bugs if you want too!…..lol…  and yes, there is all of the gross stuff that you would typically see at these things, like cow heads and hearts.  Sorry about that photo, but, I had two.  It’s the kind of market that you feel like you need to take a shower after walking through.   Oaxaca is also know for it’s ceramics (see the black skulls photo).   It’s a really cool city surrounded by mountains on every side.   I took a short trip up one of the roads and it was sweet.   Mountains bigger than boulder!

Today’s ride from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido….The ride of two thousand turns.  Literally, I guess that I turned 3 times per minute on average, and I think I was in the saddle about 6 hours.   Way more that I wanted or should have done, but I wanted to get the the shore, and there was no other way to go but right through the mountains.   It was a crazy ride, through hot cactus covered dessert, and high cool, mountain peaks and rain forrest.   There were burros, there were cool people along way, and there was little gas….but creative locals created their own gas stations with pop bottles.   No problem.    I paid 32 pesos per bottle.   Made it to Puerto Escondido late…..it was getting dark.   Found the first place I could, got something to eat and crashed.

I’ve had this lingering hacking cough, that if you know me, you’d know I’d had to hear it, but it is what it is.   The remnants of smoking from the back of Mexico’s finest truck exhausts I guess.   Makes me think of my Dad, that sound of crackling exhaling?   Anyone know this?   Like if you were going to laugh but its just this wheezy crackly thing that erupts into a cough.   I can’t believe, he used to live with that every day, well, until it killed him.    My grandfather sounded the same way, I remember.   Hopefully I’ve broken that tradition and Hopefully it will be gone soon.    The ocean air should make it better.

I could only pull off a short ride today.  If you could see the view I have right now….I haven’t yet imported the photos, but it is really amazing.  It’s a place called Mazunte!  Photos next time.   I press on again tomorrow as, unfortunately, I need to get to Belize to meet Kristi & Ry!   Miss you guys so much… Tomorrow I tell you the difference between Mezcal and Tequila.


“Livin on the road my friend, is gonna make you free and clean, now you where your skin like iron and your breath’s as hard as Kerosene.   You weren’t your mamas only boy, but her favorite one it seems…She began to cry when you said good bye and sank into her dreams”  -Townes Van Zandt (from memory)

Here are the photo captions:   Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, chocolate water, ceramic skulls, Yes, that’s the head of a cow, beast of burden, soda gas, lunch lady, kid at a fruit stand.


IMG_4057 IMG_4058 IMG_4059 IMG_4060 IMG_4061 P1050131 P1050139 P1050143 IMG_4073 IMG_4078




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