Jan 25th, Happy Birthday my Love…10 days in

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Jan 25th, Happy Birthday my Love…10 days in

Well, today I write with a bit of sadness.   It is Kristi’s birthday today.   Kristi is my rock, she is the one who cares for me, she is the mother of our beautiful daughter, she is the one who puts up with my crazy ideas, like riding a motorcycle through Mexico.   This post is dedicated to you, love.   I so look forward to seeing you in Belize to celebrate our 14th anniversary.

Being so far away in a foreign country is hard.   The trip is a bit challenging today, as I have to once again, pack everything up and load it back onto my Bike.   Yesterday, coming on MEX 80 & 45  I rode past a massive protest walk.  I’m not sure what it was, but a cast of people of a lower socio economic status was taking up a lane of the highway…and it was a stream of people no less than 20 miles long.  It reminded me of the Boulder Boulder, but these people were at the heart of a struggle.  I saw girls taking off their shoes and crying….I’m not sure what the protest was, but it was gut-wrenching to see.  Anyone know what this was?

As I write, I am in Leon.  It’s an interesting town.   Shoe capital of Mexico.   If you are looking for cheap shoes and amazing Cathedrals, you’ve come to the right place.   The churches/cathedrals are over the top.   Massive, Ornate, and Grandiose.  The catholic church and religion is a Major factor in the part of the world.   This town also seems to have a crazy affliction for wedding dresses.   The town square is really cool…finely manicured trees populate the center of it and restaurants and shops all around and deep bellowing church bells chime every half hour. As I wandered around, there were two weddings going on, which made me think of my own wedding and anniversary coming up.   Here are some photo’s…   Today I press on through Delores Hildalgo to San Miguel de Allende.   I see some twists and turns which offers some excitement.

Happy Birthday Kristi….


IMG_3919 IMG_3928 IMG_3930 IMG_3935 IMG_3936




  1. What an interesting perspective of the parts of Mexico, we’re all less familiar with. Safe travels, and Happy Belated Birthday Kristi!

    • Yes, places that I would have never ventured to for sure unless I was riding a moto and having drug cartels being too aggressive in the states that I wanted to go through. Next up Oaxaca and then the beach…Let me know if this reply worked

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