Final post, Boulder-Belize and out..

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Final post, Boulder-Belize and out..

Well, my dear friends, it’s time to say goodbye.   I thank you for following along and I think this will be my last post.   I hope you’ve enjoyed being able to follow me on this adventure from the comfort of your couch or living room, or wherever it is you watch the screen.   I hope you have found some value in it, something new, and some laughs along the way.   If you can find the humor, and the good in people, and laugh at yourself, you will learn about life and it will sustain you.   I really like writing about this and I hope getting the posts has been interesting.   I left you last with some funny out takes on Guatemala and Mexico.  Since I crossed into Belize yesterday, it has been smooth sailing.   The hummingbird highway was nice.   It was nice to be on a familiar road, and it has been nice to speak english.  Now that I have a steady internet, I will try to post more funny video’s.   I have some good ones and I will put them on facebook or you can check my vimeo account although I don’t know how you would do that.

I had highs and lows, and ups and down’s and twists and turns on this trip.   I’ve had to make things work, I’ve had to pack and unpack my bike 26 times or was it 27?  I made friends, I was sick, I was healthy, I cursed, I laughed,  funny, I brought my yoga mat with me but stopped doing yoga about 23 days ago.  I should probably start back up with that tomorrow?   I am now on the Caribbean and I’m drinking a Belikin and tomorrow I will Kayak out to False Caye and see what I can see.   That is what life is about.  Get out there and see what you can see.   Just don’t get Lasik Eye Surgery!

I want to thank David Ingalls with Zing Nutrition Bars.    The best damn bars I’ve ever had, seriously, the coconut cashew reminded me of something from my childhood, and the dark chocolate mint, they were all sooooo delicious, well, I didn’t like almond blueberry, but go out and get some of these.   They are seriously good!  They helped me get through the day without lunch many times.  I think I gave the Almond Blueberry to a Guatemalan street dog?  He seemed to like it.    Thanks again to Ben with House of Motorrad Boulder for all of your help and guidance.   Thanks to Armando Galindo Dib, for helping me get through Mexico in one piece.   Thanks to the drug cartels for leaving me alone, thanks to the people of Mexico and Guatemala for being really helpful, except for with directions and tea.   Thanks to Rat Dog Ratay,  Thanks to my lovely Wife and Daughter for going it alone for a month and helping me achieve this goal.

Belize is beautiful, you should come down here and spend a few weeks.  Do it! a mini adventure, so easy.   Call if you would like to book your Belize adventure, my advice would be to FLY!  You’ll be here in a day!   Kristi and Ry arrive on Sunday and I miss them so much.   We are going to go River Tubing in the Jaguar Preserve, see Mayan Ruins, Snorkel, Sail, Zip Line, hang on our beach, and most importantly, get Gelato from Tutti Fruiti!   I leave you with this last video and photos of my arrival here and I now say adios amigos!   Oh, yes and one more thing, the final “B” in the BBB moto adventure, “back”  is now an “S”. Which stands for “Ship”.   No way I’m riding back!  Belize to Boulder and Ship!  Unless, Kent?  Did you find a bike yet down here?  Please comment as well if you feel like it.   I want to hear from you, I think there is a comment section?   I’ve been alone for a month, a bit lonely, can’t you tell.

“Sometimes the best map will not guide you.   You can’t see what’s round the bend, sometimes the road leads through dark places, sometimes darkness is your friend.  Today these eyes scan bleached out land, for the coming of the outbound stage, sooner or later, you’ll wind up pacing the cage.”  -B. Cockburn



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