Down but not out…Happy B-Day Ry!

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Down but not out…Happy B-Day Ry!

By the time this post hits the in boxes,  it will be RyAnna’s 7th Birthday!!   Happy birthday my special one!   I miss you and I love you so much!   I hope your day is so special sweet RyAnna Rain.

Well…..I started to feel the burning in my throat right after leaving the Pyrimides.  I knew right then it was going to be a show stopper.   My back tightened up and my stomach was churning.  I had to make it to Puebla as I was to meet up with Armando Galindo Dib, so I pressed on and kept hammering for another 2 hours.   It’s no fun meeting someone when you are sick…..but I met Armando in Puebla.  He had ridden his KTM 1190 to meet me in order to guide me in to his house in Atlixco, near an active volcano.   So, we met briefly and then I had to try to keep up with him for another hour to be able to finally get off the bike and lay down. Armando is a motorcycle enthusiast, and a really good rider who races in the Mexico enduro circuit.  He was an awesome host and he, well, basically took care of me for 3 days.   The morning after I arrived, we went right to the farmacia which conveniently has a doctor attached to it.   I saw the doc, (for free by the way!)  and the only thing I really understood was “infectione” so, he prescribed some antibiotics.  There were two forms, pills or injectiones and I asked which was better and he said, the injectiones, so I went with that, but that was before I knew there was 3 needed!!   And, before I saw the size of the horse needle that needed to find it’s way into my flesh.   So, after the first shot, I felt a bit better, and thought I would be all good, but then I kept going up and down and actually felt worse after day 2.   I think I am on the upswing now.   It was so great to have Armando as my translator,  what a difference that makes!  He was really helpful and we had a lot of good laughs.   He showed me all around Puebla city and taught me some history of the area and got me back stage passes to the cathedral.  Scary place.

IMG_4022He also had all of the moto connections, so I was able to get some chain lube and a few other items for the bike.   I got to try some local dishes and we even got to see some Cuban music one night.

Today’s ride into Oaxaca was pretty cool.  Long winding roads and great scenery.  The mountains in Mexico continue to impress!   Absolutely stunning.  Here are the photo captions:  Inside the big scary cathedral, Flowers by the toilet, another impressive cathedral, the volcano blows, ktm bikes?, racing stripes, moto guzzi.


IMG_4027 IMG_4009 P1050119 IMG_3989 IMG_3974 IMG_3975




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