Day 2 in Mexico, To eat the salad?

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Day 2 in Mexico, To eat the salad?

Day 2 in Mexico and no shots have been fired.  I decided to skip the Copper Canyon to get straight to warmer weather.    I’ve also made a tactical decision, for security purposes, to stay on the main highways (for now).  Every time I point to one of the roads I’d planned on taking, I get the same suggestion to stay on the main Highway So, that is what I am doing.   I’m just blazing down 45 and trying to cover as much ground as possible to be able to find some glory roads in Southern Mexico & Guatemala.   Today, I left the desert scrub brush and came into the fertile farmlands of Delicias.   Lot’s of farming and trains.   And, well, this morning’s blog about being cold.  No Mas.   Ever try riding in a big city with high quality gore-tex moto gear with the sun bearing down?  Thanks to Ben at House of Motorad Boulder! lol..  The coconut husk membrane pants definitely keeps the water out and in!  I’m sure it will be better when all properly vented.  To all my riding buddies, please go check out Ben’s shop at 55th & Arapahoe!  He helped me tremendously with bike needs, maintenance, and gear!     Anyway,  I realized quickly that I was overdressed when I was stopped in the heat due to an accident in lovely Chihuahua Mexico.  It was not the time or place to change or vent so, basically, I felt like a wrestler trying to cut weight in a sauna. I was re-routed and had some GPS issues for a while.  Chihuahua is a huge city, and, I saw it, and felt it but needed to get through it and out of it.  Lots of traffic and construction.   The food here in Delicias is Delicious, and cheap!  I had an huge queso app that was not what I was expecting, awesome enchiladas and a beer for less that 10 us.   Oh, I decided to just go for it and start eating salad.   Good idea?   To be determined.  I figured, I’d just get it over with.   I will let you know how it goes.  Let’s see, what else?   My Spanish is horrible…what happened to all of that Spanish 2 knowledge?  I am baffled as to why know one understands my near perfect inflection and tone?  By the way……..I did not see one Chihuahua, in Chihuahua.   Here is a picture of Ben’s shop.   Go check it out!  Thanks Ben for all of the assistance!






  1. “I figured I’d just get it over with”. Hahaha! Honestly, I’d probably do the same thing. Do they have gluten-free beer in Chihuahua?!? (Yeah, right.)

    Travel safe, my friend and get some venting soon. Soggy coconut husk pants? No bueno.

    • No Gluten free beer here. My next post will be about Zacatecas. Awesome. Not enough time to write.

  2. RyAnna and I are inspired by your adventure! On the way to school today, she declared her fairy spirit was born in Mehico! She decided she needs more spanish lessons from Don Josue so that she can communicate with her native peoples when we visit next! Dad you are inspiring us! We are proud of you! You aren’t missing anything here today, another gray day of gloom and cold! We love you…..

    • I’m not sure I am replying correctly. Sorry this is all new to me. Don Jose! Lessons. I should be fluent in a few more days.

    • Love you and miss you guys!!!

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