Day 13- S.M Allende, Guanajuato-Delores Hildalgo

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Day 13- S.M Allende, Guanajuato-Delores Hildalgo

Buenos Diaz,

Sure knowing some Spanish may have been helpful.   Simple things like getting a cup of black tea can be excruciatingly difficult.  And I’m not even asking for an aged Puehr or even Almond Milk or Agave.  Just Black Tea with milk.   Seems so simple, Te’ Negro, but somehow this baffles people.   You’d figure they would know what agave is??   There are only about a million Agave plants here.  I haven’t see a whole foods down here yet, but I’m beginning to think that they just export the agave nectar to the US.   Most people down here are coffee drinkers.   I tried it again a few days ago and couldn’t sleep.

I have ‘t had internet for a while, so I am going to try to catch up here.   So let’s see what else….Ummmm…oh

Two nights ago I visited San Miguel de Allende.  Another cool Colonial artsy town.  I splurged on the hotel and spend 905 pesos. (about 62 dollars)  I had an amazing courtyard and was right in the middle of the town, It was called Posada Carmina.  It the states this would have easily been $500 a night.  I did see a few Americans there and I met a guy who works as a piano technician and his wife at the hotel I was at. We were both trying to find the best spot for wifi.  He lives part time in Aspen, and he just got a gig there fixing up some Steinway’s.   He had just seen the fruits of his labor at the Piano concert they just attended.  Pretty sweet job.  The ride out of S.M. Allende was awesome.   I went through the town of Guanajuato and into Delores Hildalgo on Mex 110d This must be a well know motorcycle road.   Take a quick look at this video to see what it looks like.    Yesterday’s ride was not as fun as I just needed to cover some ground.

Currently, I am in Teotihuacan and I will be visiting the Pyramids (Piramides) before heading to meet Chris Ratay’s friend Armando.   He has been giving me a lot of route advise along the way and it will be good to get there and meet him, speak english, and maybe I can even was some clothes?  One of the first decisions I have to make each day is which pair of underwear and socks is least dirty.   I think I am on rotation number  3.  Hopefully the Piramides give me some inspiration.  Only a few more days of highway riding I hope.   Can’t take much more of it…   I really need to get to smaller roads, dirt, and the shore.    Here are some pics from the last few days.  And here are the captions, you will have to figure out which ones they go with:   I wanted to buy this guys belt, tight squeeze, courtyard of my $62 dollar hotel, girl making flower arrangements,  best local moto I’ve seen here, wow, those people are tall, young couple in the square.  (trying to be a bit artsy with the photos?)  Until we meet again, over and out.   -Poncho


IMG_3947 IMG_3948 P1050064 P1050067 P1050069 P1050074 P1050080 P1050086 P1050089



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