Cracked 4,000 miles!

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Cracked 4,000 miles!

So, I went over 4,000 miles yesterday.   The trip was only supposed to be 3,000??  While you are reading this, I am hopefully successfully in to Belize.   I was supposed to be in Belize already, but the delays have added up.   The roads in Guatemala are especially bad or good depending on how you look at it.   But whether it is good or bad, they have been slow.   Rio Dulce was not that great.   The river is impressive, but it ended up just being a place to sleep.   I think I am going to just try to get to Belize today.   I really need English, and I really need to be there for my Girls when they arrive.  So I am going to do a 5 hour run today (I feel like I can do that in my sleep)  and I hope that the secondary road to the border isn’t too brutal.   I am so close to my goal destination and so close to Belize, but there is no way to cross in from the south.   I actually go right by the tip of southwester corner of it today, and I have to make this totally out of the way circuitous route up to the north then accross and down.   I haven’t been able to communicate now for 26 days and I feel like I am going mad.   I’ve decided to send you a few of the more humbling photos in this post.   I’ve had to stay at some crappy hotels at times…   Guatemala can be downright cruel with their roads.    Like, take for instance, this worker Jackhammering above in this video.  At the very beginning, look up and to the right, he waves me on while continuing to jackhammer huge boulders above.   Lanquin was a cool spot, but with my time short, I had to forgo the Samuc Champey.   Will have to do that another time.   So far, I’ve missed a good amount of Guatemala due to time and some route choices.  Antigua, the Samuc-Champey, and now Tikal, but I have been on some very remote roads and being able to see the hill people look at be like I am an Alien has been priceless.

Here are the photo captions:

My last resort prison hotel, It was only a foot wider than the bed!  No internet, instant coffee in a styrofoam cup.  The good news was it only cost 50 Quetzales.  or about 6 bucks.

“When your lost and alone and your sinkin’ like a stone, carry ah ah ah ah ah on”  -don’t know who but it got into my head a few times.

IMG_4129 IMG_4131 IMG_4132 IMG_4133






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