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The Hotel Tequila? or the Real Tequila Hotel?

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The Hotel Tequila? or the Real Tequila Hotel?

That is the question that I ask you my dear readers from colder climates.  I chose the REAL tequila hotel of course, because that had secure moto parking… Ahem,  First of all its HOT down here, (the coconut husk pants are way too hot-Jessica B you are right, gotta do something about this)  but…. its still cold at night?  From the Title of this post, you guessed it, I’m in Tequila.   Home of….wait for it.. Tequila.   For dinner tonight I had Pechuga de Pollo in. What? oh Tequila.   Actually it was really good.   Tequila is everywhere.   You can get shots (to sip of course) on every street corner, Margs too.   Tequila tours are abundant and you can visit all of the different distilleries, Agave Agave, Agave.Tequila Tequila Tequila….. Well, it’s a cute town- a little too touristica for me but I’m still glad I came.   Being able to take route 54 down from Zacatecas was Awesome.  I’m having a little trouble getting the videos of my riding and the roads and scenery, but trust me, it’s beautiful and you will like the vids.   I’ve ridden 1900 miles in 8 days Anyone ever tried this?   I feel like a Mexican trucker.     The last two were the best roads so far.  Super twisty and curvy and smooth.  As you approach the Guadalajara area, the lushness comes back into play. The Bouganvallia (ok, i can’t spell that word) starts to pop, the mountains are a really cool backdrop all around.  Traffice in Guadalajara sucked, but to be expected.   I am soooooo close to the pacific I can almost smell it.   I am tempted to take the road to Puerto Vallarta, and Sayulita, and take a loop around on route 200 (Keith Berger I really do) but the problem is,  it would take a bit too much time as I would have to back track after.  So I am going to take the beach time south of Oaxaca when I get there as I have not yet explored that area yet.  Everyone says no-go in the states of Mihoacan, and Guerrero so that means I can’t take the coast road all the way so I have to go back towards Mexico city.   I admit, I am getting a bit tired of cities but I do feel there are some good things in store when I head east above, over and around Mexico city, but I am looking forward to Oaxaca and beyond the most.   The bike is running perfect.   I stick out like a sore thumb as everyone stares at me from their cars.   And I’ve had no less than 5 non-understood conversations about it.   They usually go like this:   Ah moto?  ochchenta cientos?  me, yes 800.   yo tuentlsolcjljadjfjdfojsljlsjljflkjdoaohjen938u…something like that, and I say, yep…and then, Colorado Rockies inevitably comes up, and, well, then were done.  And then I pour the water bottles into my camel back and head back out on the road.  And, it’s been a cool road.   Here are some pictures from the go pro (sorry no vids) by the way, everyone has been super helpful and supportive of me.   I think I am going to petition the Mexican tourism board to use me and my videos (if I could ever get them to upload) to help promote tourism.    I have not seen a single gringo tourist.   Nada one….     I need to get to sleep.  Last night there was what some sort of Banda, band contest in the square right outside my hotel even the moto earplugs didn’t help.   Hey, two more things.   1.  Feel free to comment.   I now know how to allow them (Staci, can you please make it so comments are automatically allowed?) and 2 , feel free to pass the sign up info to your friends.   I want a bigger audience.  David C, welcome aboard, I saw a cool Mexican burro today.   Ok, enough…now.  Trivia:   All the way down from the North, I’ve seen these huge tree farms all planted in diagonal rows, they are all black and not in bloom, and no leaves now.  What kid of trees are they?  I don’t actually know, but I have a good idea.  Winner gets a bag of whatever they are.

Ciao for now…


IMG_3910 IMG_3909 IMG_3900 DCIM100GOPRO





1 week in, day 4 mex

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1 week in, day 4 mex

I was really happy to leave Gomez Palacio.   It was a really big, ugly city.   Well, I guess that’s not entirely fair.   I had a hard time getting in because I didn’t really know where my hotel was going to be, and I ended up breaking the rule about not riding at night.   Ok, so, that said there are probably some nice attributes to it, but I was just getting really tired of cities, and being on the main highway, until I found Zacatecas!    What a sweet little gem.  It was built on and from the wealth of a Silver Mine.   I walked around the town snapping some cool shots and I even went to a museum for about this morning.  It was all very old and very european feeling.   It is also the highest altitude city in Mexico, which meant, you guessed it…Cold and windy…..had to dig out the cold weather gear again!   I will try to send the go pro video, but on the way out of town, a guy on a scooter tracked me down and asked where I was going and it turns out he is on ADV Rider which is a forum that I am on which give travel and motorcycle tips a tricks and I was actually trying to find his hotel!  He advised me to take route 45 south.   That was a amazing road full of twists and turns.   The terrain changed and it also heated up.  Here are some photos from Zacatecas……..Adios for now…

P1050018 P1050027 P1050030 P1050035 P1050038 P1050047 IMG_3885 IMG_3895


Day 3, always have your camera ready….

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Day 3, always have your camera ready….

Buenos Diaz, first off, I have been too tired at night to write this Blog, so I’m doing this in the morning, which means your getting this stuff a few days late.

My friend John Harper says, life is ” A collection of Moments…….”…..Sooooo… in preparation for potential Alzheimers, I figured I’d get a few this moments down in this blog.   What?  It runs in my family!?   I wish they had the blog in sooner…I think I like this blog thing, Alzheimer’s planning.

OK, so, today, was a wild one.   The title could have been.   “Day of the dead” or 52 AK’s making your heart race”  but I went with always have your camera ready, today two trucks with military rolled up behind me as I was re-positioning gear.   It wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced it on other trips, but you never can feel too comfortable with about 50 dudes with AK’s. (I don’t exactly know what an AK is but they were big guns) My fried Mike McDonnell, said to me just yesterday,  to always have the camera ready, so I was frantically but cooly trying to get my go pro camera out and on, but I was trying to find all of the right pieces and I decided to just take a quick pic with my I-phone instead.  The funny thing was that, what I understood to be the seargent, someone in command, came to me and started talking.   If I would have had the go pro on and you could have heard the conversation you would still be laughing….. Two people pretending to understand each other with guns and motorcycles makes for great film!   Oh well, next time.   Then,  I rode by a funeral, Mexico takes great pride it these and they really go all out for their dead from what I can tell.   There was a brightly colored group of people, walking and singing and playing a guitar with the body and I think they were bringing it to the funeral?  Then, I saw where they were going a few miles up.   I then stopped and configured my go pro but had the wrong sequence of on off, (go pro users will know what I am talking about) so I missed a lot of good footage.  A priest anointing children with water, that was a cool moment.  So, now when I am reading this when I am 75 I should be able to remember it all?  Right?

I really can’t wait to slow down, but it is necessary right now to keep moving.   I have now ridden for 6 days straight and about 1500 miles.  I feel like I’m in one of those amazing race shows.  I don’t like the big cities, if you check the spot tracker, which pings every 30 minutes by the way, you can see how long it took me to find a hotel in Gomez Palacio,  I That said, I better get going….Time to pack up again,

Oh, this road!!!   Fellow moto-crew, I sat and pondered taking this road for a good long while….


IMG_3866 IMG_3872 IMG_3876

Day 2 in Mexico, To eat the salad?

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Day 2 in Mexico, To eat the salad?

Day 2 in Mexico and no shots have been fired.  I decided to skip the Copper Canyon to get straight to warmer weather.    I’ve also made a tactical decision, for security purposes, to stay on the main highways (for now).  Every time I point to one of the roads I’d planned on taking, I get the same suggestion to stay on the main Highway So, that is what I am doing.   I’m just blazing down 45 and trying to cover as much ground as possible to be able to find some glory roads in Southern Mexico & Guatemala.   Today, I left the desert scrub brush and came into the fertile farmlands of Delicias.   Lot’s of farming and trains.   And, well, this morning’s blog about being cold.  No Mas.   Ever try riding in a big city with high quality gore-tex moto gear with the sun bearing down?  Thanks to Ben at House of Motorad Boulder! lol..  The coconut husk membrane pants definitely keeps the water out and in!  I’m sure it will be better when all properly vented.  To all my riding buddies, please go check out Ben’s shop at 55th & Arapahoe!  He helped me tremendously with bike needs, maintenance, and gear!     Anyway,  I realized quickly that I was overdressed when I was stopped in the heat due to an accident in lovely Chihuahua Mexico.  It was not the time or place to change or vent so, basically, I felt like a wrestler trying to cut weight in a sauna. I was re-routed and had some GPS issues for a while.  Chihuahua is a huge city, and, I saw it, and felt it but needed to get through it and out of it.  Lots of traffic and construction.   The food here in Delicias is Delicious, and cheap!  I had an huge queso app that was not what I was expecting, awesome enchiladas and a beer for less that 10 us.   Oh, I decided to just go for it and start eating salad.   Good idea?   To be determined.  I figured, I’d just get it over with.   I will let you know how it goes.  Let’s see, what else?   My Spanish is horrible…what happened to all of that Spanish 2 knowledge?  I am baffled as to why know one understands my near perfect inflection and tone?  By the way……..I did not see one Chihuahua, in Chihuahua.   Here is a picture of Ben’s shop.   Go check it out!  Thanks Ben for all of the assistance!



A few things about Northern Mexico

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A few things about Northern Mexico

A few things to remember about N Mexico:

1.  When someone says its a “dusty little town” that means, its actually “Dusty”.

2.  When you order, oatmeal, they somehow liquify them?   Or, they were just pawning off a bowl of milk? What, am I a cat?   Really there were no oats in there.   They said they were liquified?  Rule:  When in Mexico, stick to what they do best.   Fajitas, Taco’s and Huevos Rancheros!

3. Mexican Blankets are really for what we Americano’s use them for:  Sitting on at music festivals.  Mexico, being a typically HOT country, has not prepared itself for the cold.   Mexican blankets do not keep you warm and I’m not sure if they have heaters.  🙂

I’m in.   Heading for warmer climates!


IMG_3860 IMG_3856

Ready to Cross

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Ready to Cross

Finally got of I-25 today.  Interstate driving can be a bit tedious, but I did have a great stretch on 24 between Hatch (Green Chilis) and Deming.  I must say, I’m a bit nervous to cross the border.  Here goes. Tired……..I can do this.   Can I do this?



The snow and freezing rain continues

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The snow and freezing rain continues

If we have one more day of freezing rain and snow I think I’m gonna puke.  Hello friends, well, the snow and freezing rain just will not stop.   It’s like I’ve all of a sudden moved from Boulder to, oh…I don’t know, Vermont?  I don’t know exactly what winters are like in Vermont but this is how I picture them.   Nothing against Vermont, I like Vermont, just as much as any other Eskimo, but…but I just want to be able to RIDE!  Arrgg…@%^$*&^&)*!  I saw three people fall on their asses today, and I almost bit it.   Really, I feel like I’ve been in some kind of, oh wait, it’s the polar vortex!

Also, I needed to test blogging from my computer instead of the phone, so if the photo’s are screwy I’ll work on it.   So, I’ve been scraping windshields and packing, and my list for some reason, keeps getting bigger.   I’ve decided that I will depart on Thursday, whatever the weather is doing….get spiked tires or something….I’m going to the House of Motorad one more time on Wednesday to get some tire pressure monitors, a bigger windshield, and get the brake fluid changed.   I fought it as long as I could but apparently you need the stuff to be fresh when things get hot.   Hot, that is what I need, so, it looks like there may be a break in the weather soon, and my first leg is going to be from Lyons to Albuquerque, that’s no easy word to spell.  I just hope the ride smooth and I don’t freeze.  If all goes well. I will be crossing the border sometime this weekend and will report back then.    Feeling a bit bummed out that I will miss Ry’s b-day for the first time this year.  Here is the picture of some packing (just need to cram all of the stuff on the floor into the two metal boxes) and the Guitar that I got for RyAnna for her 7th B-day!IMG_3839 IMG_3840 IMG_3841It’s a sweet little sunburst mini with an orange strap…I hope she likes it.  She will have to sing her own b-day chant this year.   Oh RyAnna, Sweet RyAnna, Sweet RyAnna Rain….




Moto driving test done!

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Moto driving test done!

Well the course was icy and wet but after technical glitches between VA & CO my motorcycle license is BACK. And a special thanks to Mike from go for it racing for shoveling snow!


Getting ready!

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Getting ready!

Just finished my route planning with Gabriel!!! Getting close.


Be Inspired By Your Time Out

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Be Inspired By Your Time Out

Discover How To Be from Olson on Vimeo.

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