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One more update! LIV Sothebys!

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One more update! LIV Sothebys!

Well, it’s been about 3 weeks since I last posted about my motorcycle trip.   Since I last posted, I got to spend some really fun time with Kristi & Ry in Belize and we were about to Snorkel, Zipline, River Tube, and just chill out on the beach!  I rode another 445 miles and ended up shipping my motorcycle out of Puerto Morelos Mexico, I got my import money back and flew back direct from Cancun. Well, it wasn’t quite that easy of course but I will spare you the details 🙂

I’ve been home for a week now and it’s time to Sell Some Houses!   And on that note, (shameless plug time) I wanted to let you know that in order to bring my clients the most outstanding service possible, I am now with LIV Sothebys International Realty in Boulder!  I made the move prior to my trip and I have just been awaiting the right time to tell you!   If you need to buy or sell give me a call, or if you want to drop by and say hello, my new office is located at 1050 Walnut Street Boulder CO 80302.

Oh, one last thing… The Denver Post ran a story last weekend on the trip.   Check it out by clicking here:  Boulder to Belize Live Sothebys International Realty Broker takes ride of life time!

Until the next adventure!


Final post, Boulder-Belize and out..

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Final post, Boulder-Belize and out..

Well, my dear friends, it’s time to say goodbye.   I thank you for following along and I think this will be my last post.   I hope you’ve enjoyed being able to follow me on this adventure from the comfort of your couch or living room, or wherever it is you watch the screen.   I hope you have found some value in it, something new, and some laughs along the way.   If you can find the humor, and the good in people, and laugh at yourself, you will learn about life and it will sustain you.   I really like writing about this and I hope getting the posts has been interesting.   I left you last with some funny out takes on Guatemala and Mexico.  Since I crossed into Belize yesterday, it has been smooth sailing.   The hummingbird highway was nice.   It was nice to be on a familiar road, and it has been nice to speak english.  Now that I have a steady internet, I will try to post more funny video’s.   I have some good ones and I will put them on facebook or you can check my vimeo account although I don’t know how you would do that.

I had highs and lows, and ups and down’s and twists and turns on this trip.   I’ve had to make things work, I’ve had to pack and unpack my bike 26 times or was it 27?  I made friends, I was sick, I was healthy, I cursed, I laughed,  funny, I brought my yoga mat with me but stopped doing yoga about 23 days ago.  I should probably start back up with that tomorrow?   I am now on the Caribbean and I’m drinking a Belikin and tomorrow I will Kayak out to False Caye and see what I can see.   That is what life is about.  Get out there and see what you can see.   Just don’t get Lasik Eye Surgery!

I want to thank David Ingalls with Zing Nutrition Bars.    The best damn bars I’ve ever had, seriously, the coconut cashew reminded me of something from my childhood, and the dark chocolate mint, they were all sooooo delicious, well, I didn’t like almond blueberry, but go out and get some of these.   They are seriously good!  They helped me get through the day without lunch many times.  I think I gave the Almond Blueberry to a Guatemalan street dog?  He seemed to like it.    Thanks again to Ben with House of Motorrad Boulder for all of your help and guidance.   Thanks to Armando Galindo Dib, for helping me get through Mexico in one piece.   Thanks to the drug cartels for leaving me alone, thanks to the people of Mexico and Guatemala for being really helpful, except for with directions and tea.   Thanks to Rat Dog Ratay,  Thanks to my lovely Wife and Daughter for going it alone for a month and helping me achieve this goal.

Belize is beautiful, you should come down here and spend a few weeks.  Do it! a mini adventure, so easy.   Call if you would like to book your Belize adventure, my advice would be to FLY!  You’ll be here in a day!   Kristi and Ry arrive on Sunday and I miss them so much.   We are going to go River Tubing in the Jaguar Preserve, see Mayan Ruins, Snorkel, Sail, Zip Line, hang on our beach, and most importantly, get Gelato from Tutti Fruiti!   I leave you with this last video and photos of my arrival here and I now say adios amigos!   Oh, yes and one more thing, the final “B” in the BBB moto adventure, “back”  is now an “S”. Which stands for “Ship”.   No way I’m riding back!  Belize to Boulder and Ship!  Unless, Kent?  Did you find a bike yet down here?  Please comment as well if you feel like it.   I want to hear from you, I think there is a comment section?   I’ve been alone for a month, a bit lonely, can’t you tell.

“Sometimes the best map will not guide you.   You can’t see what’s round the bend, sometimes the road leads through dark places, sometimes darkness is your friend.  Today these eyes scan bleached out land, for the coming of the outbound stage, sooner or later, you’ll wind up pacing the cage.”  -B. Cockburn



IMG_4005 IMG_4170 DCIM100GOPRO P1050245 P1050250 P1050254 IMG_4177


4,381 Miles, still thinking about Guatemala..

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4,381 Miles, still thinking about Guatemala..

Well, I made it.   It took 28 days and 4,381 miles and I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight, and making my own tea tomorrow at the Belize Treetop Villa But before I do, I feel like I still need to wrap up on Guatemala as I was lacking internet and time.   So, I will do that.   Guatemala:  wow, what an interesting place:   I never did get a decent cup of tea in Guatemala.   Not a huge tea drinking people.   I really struggled with communicating…..why can’t they understand me when I say “miel” the word for honey almost perfectly?   The blank stares that I get are so frustrating.   They don’t get the water hot enough.  Anyway, I digress…..I have my own little world around tea.  So, here are my comedic outtakes on Guate and don’t miss the video below after reading this post:

1.  They are strong!   Jesus, (they like Jesus) they can carry wood like a pack mule.   They put a strap around their forehead and they hang like, I don’t know, maybe, 100 pounds of firewood along their backside with all of the weight strapped to their foreheads.   And the women, they do it too, and they can also balance a bundle of whatever on top of their heads like it’s nothing.  It’s like the size of a fit ball crammed with wood and water and I don’t know what?

2.  The smells! More smells than you can imagine.   From the acrid smell of burning trash, a kind of chemically bitter smell, that makes you want to stop breathing to animals to flowers to exhaust.   There are good smells though, flowers and honeysuckle….but there is also that unmistakable sewage smell.   uggh….

3.  Colors…..The country is colorful.   Lots of color on the hillside and the dress is very colorful.   They are not afraid to rock a Guatemalan plaid, with a flannel shirt tucked in.  I dig the dress.  I need to make some changes to my wardrobe.

Oh, I tried to have breakfast twice the other day.   First I had the continental breakfast at my hotel and of course they gave me a tepid water tea, then they tried to reheat it, then I made them just start over and do it again, and I got another tea bag myself and made it correctly, then they tried to charge me for tea twice?   The nerve of these people?!   Anyway, they didn’t have marmalade which it clearly stated on the menu and the Pan Tostada, was horrible.  So, I drove back from Rio Dulce, and headed for the border but before I did, I thought I would try to have breakfast again.   I asked for eggs cooked over easy, and french toast, what I got was more semi toasted toast with unmelted butter and two eggs cooked as hard as you can get them.  There was no “french” in that toast.    They do Tortillas just fine, but I was really getting sick of them and they never understand that I want some honey for them!   Miel, how many ways can you say it?

4.  The roads:   Holy mother of god.   On the map it says Route 5 with a little thing around the five that you would see on any interstate, but holy jesus, (the love him) they are freaking but busting dirt roads on crazy hillside hanging cliffs.   It’s all good now, I look back and I’m glad I did it but sometimes I was scared I would break down and be stranded for days.    I should have listened when they said, “the bus drivers go this way” I didn’t.   It also gets very cold in the hills, hence breaking out the coconut husk pants again.

5.  Emissions:   And this goes for Mexico too.   I am now 100% happy to go to get my emissions testing done and will gladly pay the fee from now on.   If they had emissions testing here, there would be zero cars on the road, because, every car on the road, every truck and van on the road spews out this horrible black sooty mess out of it’s tail pipe.   I choked on the shit for over a month.   Oh well, don’t think it’s going to change.    Just wanted to let you know.

6.  Cottage industries:   (MEX too) Car & Moto washes are prevalent, tortilla makers are everywhere, I know that Taller Pinchazo is a mechanic and they are a dime a dozen, but my favorite is that on the crappy little back roads there will be a group of men that will work on the road.   They are not really a road crew or paid by the government or any municipality, but they work on the road, not that it is doing a bit of good, the road needs a crew of 1000 and a few million dollars, but they sort of half pretend to do some work and then they ask you for money to help them.   Its great!   Sometimes they would hold up a rope so you couldn’t go past, sometimes not, but I would always stop and give them a few Quetzals.   If was so funny.

That’s about it, oh, why is it when I ask for directions to a town or whatever that they can’t just point?   So, here is how it goes.   I am on a road that only goes two ways.   I ask something like, donde esta Coban? And I know the answer, but I just want them to point definitively in the direction I am to go, but what they do is sort of point RANDOMLY,  and then the hand goes straight up into the air and they say derecho, or directo of some shit like that and it’s like wait a minute, This way or that way?   POINT!  Had to get that out.   I think I have some video of it somewhere.   OH MY GOD, here it is, you MUST watch this video.   You will see what I mean, and you will laugh your ass off.


P1050210 P1050222 P1050224 IMG_4142 IMG_4165 IMG_4169

Cracked 4,000 miles!

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Cracked 4,000 miles!

So, I went over 4,000 miles yesterday.   The trip was only supposed to be 3,000??  While you are reading this, I am hopefully successfully in to Belize.   I was supposed to be in Belize already, but the delays have added up.   The roads in Guatemala are especially bad or good depending on how you look at it.   But whether it is good or bad, they have been slow.   Rio Dulce was not that great.   The river is impressive, but it ended up just being a place to sleep.   I think I am going to just try to get to Belize today.   I really need English, and I really need to be there for my Girls when they arrive.  So I am going to do a 5 hour run today (I feel like I can do that in my sleep)  and I hope that the secondary road to the border isn’t too brutal.   I am so close to my goal destination and so close to Belize, but there is no way to cross in from the south.   I actually go right by the tip of southwester corner of it today, and I have to make this totally out of the way circuitous route up to the north then accross and down.   I haven’t been able to communicate now for 26 days and I feel like I am going mad.   I’ve decided to send you a few of the more humbling photos in this post.   I’ve had to stay at some crappy hotels at times…   Guatemala can be downright cruel with their roads.    Like, take for instance, this worker Jackhammering above in this video.  At the very beginning, look up and to the right, he waves me on while continuing to jackhammer huge boulders above.   Lanquin was a cool spot, but with my time short, I had to forgo the Samuc Champey.   Will have to do that another time.   So far, I’ve missed a good amount of Guatemala due to time and some route choices.  Antigua, the Samuc-Champey, and now Tikal, but I have been on some very remote roads and being able to see the hill people look at be like I am an Alien has been priceless.

Here are the photo captions:

My last resort prison hotel, It was only a foot wider than the bed!  No internet, instant coffee in a styrofoam cup.  The good news was it only cost 50 Quetzales.  or about 6 bucks.

“When your lost and alone and your sinkin’ like a stone, carry ah ah ah ah ah on”  -don’t know who but it got into my head a few times.

IMG_4129 IMG_4131 IMG_4132 IMG_4133




23 days in, Goodbye Mex…Hello Guatemala!

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23 days in, Goodbye Mex…Hello Guatemala!

This post is dedicated to crossing the Border, which I almost did correctly today.   I mean, well, I’m here. I’m in Guate.   So, I guess I did something right, but there were a few glitches.  After 23 days,  I bid farewell to Mexico.   It took me much longer than I thought.   I will say this:  Mexico, you get a bad rap.   You were good to me.   I was not robbed, stabbed, kidnapped or extorted.  I had my share of trials and tribulations, but as I always said from the beginning, be careful what you hear in the media.  Sure there is danger, but there is danger everywhere.   You could get offed anywhere, you could get offed in a movie theater in the US, it could be gang violence, and a cartel can off you in Mexico, somehow here, it seems like it is less “Random”, the violence.   I don’t know,  I could go on, but the bottom line is, don’t be swayed to not visit this country.  Make your own decisions, do your own research, the country is good, the people are good.   She has a lot to offer.  My recomendation is, just learn some Spanish.

Anyway, as I studied the web last night, here is what I found on how to cross from Mex to Guatemala in ADV Rider:

Using this forum for the last six months has been a bit frustrating, most of the established threads like Mexico Trip Planning and the Is Mexico Safe threads have long ago seriously digressed – making it hard to find good info without spending hours sifting through off-topic responses, so I’m just going to make a thread for this info.

So you want to cross the Mexico – Guatemala border at Tapachula instead La Mesilla? I didn’t find it all that hard, but I did it on a Sunday – your mileage may vary.

This is for the crossing North of Tapachula on 200 near Cacahoatan, Chiapas into El Carmen, Guatemala.

It will get pretty crazy, both as you enter the area on the Mexico side (groups of men on the road) and when you get to the Guatemala side. Stay calm, stay focused and go about your business – once they realize you know what your doing they will leave you alone. These guys are trying to get you confused and nervous, stay calm.

1. If you need to cancel your import permit, go to the Banjercito at the aduana in Huixtla. You will run into fake aduana on both the north side and the south side at the topas – don’t stop, and if you do just pretend you’re going to pull over and keep going. They will show you fake badges, but if someone isn’t in uniform they are not real aduana. They want your passport so they can extort you to get it back.

You will have to go through customs just as if you are entering the border, you may get searched. Make sure to hand them receipt from the Banjercito. You will be escorted back to the southbound lane when you are all done by a aduana official in a truck. No big deal.

If you’re coming from the north, use one of the turnarounds and go back. You have to enter from the south on 200.

2. Head towards the border out of Tapachula on 200. I stayed on the south side (Holliday Inn Express – $80) and rode the loop around the city, saving an hour of BS through the city.

3. Coming into the border on the Mexico side people will try to stop you again at topas, keep going. Stop at the Mexico aduana and get your exit stamp – you will have to get this, despite what others say on this forum.

Go through on the right over the metal topas and pull up on the right by the guys at the desk with the guns. You will be swamped by money changers.

4. Go back across the three lanes to the immigration office and hand in your visa and get your stamp. I had to pay about $23 dollars (visa fee) again – they didn’t accept my receipt from Discover Baja in San Diego – you may be fine if you paid in MX. You will need Guate money, so know the exchange rate and negotiate – take your time and relax. Just exchange all your money if you get a good rate, your pesos are not good in Guate.

5. Go over the bridge, half a block up on the left will be the Guate immigration – ignore the “helpers” they will swarm you – park in front of the gate and don’t pay anyone to “move a cone, you’ll be able to see your bike the whole time so don’t pay someone to watch it. Don’t pay anyone to do anything. Just say “no nececito” and go about your business.

6. Hand your passport to the real immigration official behind the gate and get your entry stamp. I can’t remember if I paid anything here, but if I did it wasn’t much.

7. Get back on your bike and go one block-in to the fumigation station. You’ll get sprayed and and pay the guy a small fee (70Q?). Bring something to clean-off your disks, I didn’t and now my disks are squeaking.

8. Get back on your bike and pull ahead to the Guate customs on the right side under the canopy and park behind the next vehicle. You will be parked here for awhile, but your bike will be in site for the rest of your process and watched by the officials. Don’t lock your steering or your bike may get dropped as they WILL move your bike ahead for you.

9. Go into the office, it’s the entry at the end of all the windows, don’t go to the windows.

10. Fill out your paperwork. You’ll need title, registration, passport and drivers license.

11. You’ll be asked to get copies of all these, including your passport with Guate stamp. The copy office is 10 steps from here, just go out to your left and look to your right – it’s right next to the tienda – right there under the canopy.

12. Take the copies back to the customs office and get your next piece of paperwork, two pieces of paper for the bank (you will not give money at the office). Go back out to your left, the bank is right there under the canopy.

13. Pay your fees and go back to the copy office for more copies.

14. Take the copies back to the customs office and get your paperwork completed. They will hand your paperwork to the guy sitting at the desk outside one of the windows on the street. He’ll check the numbers and put a permit sticker on your bike.

You’re done. It took me 2.5 hours on a Sunday. The bank took the longest, there was a line – many vehicle importers taking cars and bikes into Guate.

Well So, that’s it, it’s that easy.   Yes, just 14 simple steps.  Add in no Spanish, and you have the makings of a great day.-Patience….I could have been better, but what a Pain in the ASS!    Yes I was swamped by “helpers”, money changers, and bike washers.   I got fumigated, I had to make copies, and more copies, yes is was a hassle, but I made it.  I knew the exchange rate.   I started the day trying to cancel the TVIP, but that never happened because it was closed, so I didn’t start of on a good foot.  I did not have the Banjercito paperwork.   Maybe there is another way to cancel it and get the money back, but I’m out of Mex now so most likely that I lost that money.     Onward and upward.   Not sure what’s up with the spot tracker today??   I am actually now at Lago de Atitlan’ but it is not showing that.    It’s a really cool little spot in a town called Panajachel.   Look it up.   The lake is amazing. No pics, great video getting here, but internet is too slow for that.   Not sure what tomorrow holds in store.

“Lefty can’t sing the blues, anymore like he used to, the dust that Pancho bit down south, ended up in Lefty’s mouth.   The day they laid poor Pancho low, lefty split for Ohio.   Where he got the bread to go there ain’t nobody knows.  Poets tell how Pancho fell, and Lefty’s living in a cheap hotel.   The deserts quiet and Clevelands cold, and so the story ends we’re told.   Pancho needs your prayer’s its true, but save a few for Lefty too, he only did what he had to do and now he’s growing old.   All the Federales said, they could have had him anyday, they only let him slip away, out of kindess I suppose.”  -Pancho & Lefty….the rest of it.

Out, Pancho.

Pics:   Morning planning,…My first meal in Guatemala…..some sort of stew?   New money, new climate.   A long,  but overall a successful day.

IMG_4110 IMG_4122


A La Ventosa…hardships, gratitudes…

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A La Ventosa…hardships, gratitudes…

Sometimes the wind comes out of nowhere and knocks you sideways…. And I mean sideways.   The unrelenting godforsaken wind pummeled me for 100 miles.   It’s still gnawing at me now as I type.  When Sjoerd sent me the map saying “wind possible” in this area, I thought nothing of it.    It gusted and it gusted some more.  It kept coming….A La Ventosa!!!  Where was it coming from?  It’s obvious without even asking the Google that this place I have just ridden through must be one of the windiest places on the planet. It has obviously been researched because I’ve driven past at least 100,000 turbines.   Turbines for miles.   When you see them in Colorado they seem so cute as they dot the landscape.   But, here, they are in it for the $$$.   Power and why not?   Harvest it.   Go for it. I will not step foot back in this area again, I’m fairly certain.   Now, it’s like this, when you are riding a motorcycle, you know there is wind of course.   It blasts at you at roughly the speed you are going.   Then when you add the kind of wind I experienced today, at an angle of 45-90degrees, its downright brutal.   To keep the bike up and moving in a straight line, you need to lean as if you were in a turn.   You need to bear down on the hand that is towards the wind and you need to kareen your neck in the same direction.   When the wind let’s up a little you need to correct back lest you head into the opposite lane.   It’s really difficult and scary. Rarely did it let up thought.   I stopped, I waited, I thought of turning back, what can you do, except plow through it.

And, I made it.   I am now on a narrow spit of land in a place called La Luna, outside of a town called Boca de Cielo.   The area I’ve ridden through in the last two days and especially today is very barren.   I feel very exposed when riding.   The heat is Oppressive.   As RyAnna used to say, it’s “Beasting Hot”.   The coconut husk pants are in the luggage.   I’ll take a broken knee cap thank you.   So how did I get here?   I feel fortunate really.   The sunset is going to be spectacular.   As I looked on google last night, I really felt sad that I left Mazunte so quickly.   I should have stayed an extra day there.   Still feeling cheated on beach time, I looked for a place on the map that may offer some promise.   It was Puerto Arista.   Well, puerto arista sucked, so I followed a sign to Boca de Cielo.

THAT WAS YESTERDAY’S unpublished POST because I didn’t have internet.    I ended up taking a boat from Boca de Cielo to La Luna.   Long story, but it was worth it.   I haven’t had internet so, to fill you in, it was a second day of wind riding that followed.  The Agitated, Confounded, Hell bent wind!   Arrggh!   Such a thorn….I hate the wind, my muscles are tight, my psyche frayed like the hundreds of plastic bags clinging to fences.   Ditto above for the second straight day.  Enough already with that…   Here I sit, trying to figure out my border crossing in some Auto-hotel…BUT…The place where I made it to last night was really awesome.   French owned La Luna.   Cabanas on the beach  The wide open Pacific….nothing better than sleeping under a mosquito net with the sounds of the waves and a sheet so thin you can see through it to keep you, covered.    It was a really relaxing night actually.   So, I leave you with this….There are hardships, there are winds, there are Topes (oh, I save this for another post!) there are potholes….there is unrelenting heat…..but….BUT, since this is a self improvement trip.  I wanted to let you know how Grateful I am and express my gratitude.   I know I don’t do this enough, but I am grateful for what I have. I am so grateful to have such a loving family.  I am grateful that I am a realtor, I am grateful that I have a motorcycle….and I am grateful that I am not in the back of a truck with 20 people.   I am grateful that I found such a cool place last night.  I have a truly blessed life, a wonderful home and I am happy to grateful to be alive.   Thanks honey, for making me do my gratitudes finally.   There are so many thoughts that go through my head each day….So, I am happy to get a few thoughts down on paper.  I leave you with these photos from yesterday and last night.    Wish me luck crossing the border tomorrow.   I went to the wrong immigration office already today so, tomorrow I practice PATIENCE.

-Bueno Noche…

“-Pancho was a bandit boy, his horse was fast as polished steel.   He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to feel.   Pancho met his match you know on the deserts down in Mexico, nobody heard his dying words, ah but that’s the way in goes”  Townes Van Zandt….v2 from memory…

The photos seem a bit off from the tone of this post, but it is the ying and yang, the juxtaposition.   Hardships and Gratitudes:  The mighty Pacific, My Hallway, Tequila shak, Sunset, Sunset, Sunset, Sunset, My sleeping chambers:

P1050169 P1050174 P1050180 P1050181 P1050182 P1050194 P1050200 P1050204


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There was a gratetful dead album with this title, so, I’ve always been intrigued.   Oaxaca is a very cool town indeed.    The is a rich history and you can eat insects.   Yes, of course, I tried them.   Grasshopper, cricket, whatever….  Crunchy, spicy, not bad, really.   Good protein. I mean,  I’m not going to carry around a bag of them like some people do, but there seems to be no shortage of bugs to eat here.   There were hundreds of insect vendors.   The food of the future perhaps?   Anyway, I strolled a market, and of course I had to try the Chocolate water.  Had that instead of my tea.    Ry, you would have loved it! Chocolate water.   It’s like hot chocolate, only better somehow.      You can eat chocolate bugs if you want too!……  and yes, there is all of the gross stuff that you would typically see at these things, like cow heads and hearts.  Sorry about that photo, but, I had two.  It’s the kind of market that you feel like you need to take a shower after walking through.   Oaxaca is also know for it’s ceramics (see the black skulls photo).   It’s a really cool city surrounded by mountains on every side.   I took a short trip up one of the roads and it was sweet.   Mountains bigger than boulder!

Today’s ride from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido….The ride of two thousand turns.  Literally, I guess that I turned 3 times per minute on average, and I think I was in the saddle about 6 hours.   Way more that I wanted or should have done, but I wanted to get the the shore, and there was no other way to go but right through the mountains.   It was a crazy ride, through hot cactus covered dessert, and high cool, mountain peaks and rain forrest.   There were burros, there were cool people along way, and there was little gas….but creative locals created their own gas stations with pop bottles.   No problem.    I paid 32 pesos per bottle.   Made it to Puerto Escondido late… was getting dark.   Found the first place I could, got something to eat and crashed.

I’ve had this lingering hacking cough, that if you know me, you’d know I’d had to hear it, but it is what it is.   The remnants of smoking from the back of Mexico’s finest truck exhausts I guess.   Makes me think of my Dad, that sound of crackling exhaling?   Anyone know this?   Like if you were going to laugh but its just this wheezy crackly thing that erupts into a cough.   I can’t believe, he used to live with that every day, well, until it killed him.    My grandfather sounded the same way, I remember.   Hopefully I’ve broken that tradition and Hopefully it will be gone soon.    The ocean air should make it better.

I could only pull off a short ride today.  If you could see the view I have right now….I haven’t yet imported the photos, but it is really amazing.  It’s a place called Mazunte!  Photos next time.   I press on again tomorrow as, unfortunately, I need to get to Belize to meet Kristi & Ry!   Miss you guys so much… Tomorrow I tell you the difference between Mezcal and Tequila.


“Livin on the road my friend, is gonna make you free and clean, now you where your skin like iron and your breath’s as hard as Kerosene.   You weren’t your mamas only boy, but her favorite one it seems…She began to cry when you said good bye and sank into her dreams”  -Townes Van Zandt (from memory)

Here are the photo captions:   Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, chocolate water, ceramic skulls, Yes, that’s the head of a cow, beast of burden, soda gas, lunch lady, kid at a fruit stand.


IMG_4057 IMG_4058 IMG_4059 IMG_4060 IMG_4061 P1050131 P1050139 P1050143 IMG_4073 IMG_4078


Down but not out…Happy B-Day Ry!

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Down but not out…Happy B-Day Ry!

By the time this post hits the in boxes,  it will be RyAnna’s 7th Birthday!!   Happy birthday my special one!   I miss you and I love you so much!   I hope your day is so special sweet RyAnna Rain.

Well…..I started to feel the burning in my throat right after leaving the Pyrimides.  I knew right then it was going to be a show stopper.   My back tightened up and my stomach was churning.  I had to make it to Puebla as I was to meet up with Armando Galindo Dib, so I pressed on and kept hammering for another 2 hours.   It’s no fun meeting someone when you are sick…..but I met Armando in Puebla.  He had ridden his KTM 1190 to meet me in order to guide me in to his house in Atlixco, near an active volcano.   So, we met briefly and then I had to try to keep up with him for another hour to be able to finally get off the bike and lay down. Armando is a motorcycle enthusiast, and a really good rider who races in the Mexico enduro circuit.  He was an awesome host and he, well, basically took care of me for 3 days.   The morning after I arrived, we went right to the farmacia which conveniently has a doctor attached to it.   I saw the doc, (for free by the way!)  and the only thing I really understood was “infectione” so, he prescribed some antibiotics.  There were two forms, pills or injectiones and I asked which was better and he said, the injectiones, so I went with that, but that was before I knew there was 3 needed!!   And, before I saw the size of the horse needle that needed to find it’s way into my flesh.   So, after the first shot, I felt a bit better, and thought I would be all good, but then I kept going up and down and actually felt worse after day 2.   I think I am on the upswing now.   It was so great to have Armando as my translator,  what a difference that makes!  He was really helpful and we had a lot of good laughs.   He showed me all around Puebla city and taught me some history of the area and got me back stage passes to the cathedral.  Scary place.

IMG_4022He also had all of the moto connections, so I was able to get some chain lube and a few other items for the bike.   I got to try some local dishes and we even got to see some Cuban music one night.

Today’s ride into Oaxaca was pretty cool.  Long winding roads and great scenery.  The mountains in Mexico continue to impress!   Absolutely stunning.  Here are the photo captions:  Inside the big scary cathedral, Flowers by the toilet, another impressive cathedral, the volcano blows, ktm bikes?, racing stripes, moto guzzi.


IMG_4027 IMG_4009 P1050119 IMG_3989 IMG_3974 IMG_3975


Day 13- S.M Allende, Guanajuato-Delores Hildalgo

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Day 13- S.M Allende, Guanajuato-Delores Hildalgo

Buenos Diaz,

Sure knowing some Spanish may have been helpful.   Simple things like getting a cup of black tea can be excruciatingly difficult.  And I’m not even asking for an aged Puehr or even Almond Milk or Agave.  Just Black Tea with milk.   Seems so simple, Te’ Negro, but somehow this baffles people.   You’d figure they would know what agave is??   There are only about a million Agave plants here.  I haven’t see a whole foods down here yet, but I’m beginning to think that they just export the agave nectar to the US.   Most people down here are coffee drinkers.   I tried it again a few days ago and couldn’t sleep.

I have ‘t had internet for a while, so I am going to try to catch up here.   So let’s see what else….Ummmm…oh

Two nights ago I visited San Miguel de Allende.  Another cool Colonial artsy town.  I splurged on the hotel and spend 905 pesos. (about 62 dollars)  I had an amazing courtyard and was right in the middle of the town, It was called Posada Carmina.  It the states this would have easily been $500 a night.  I did see a few Americans there and I met a guy who works as a piano technician and his wife at the hotel I was at. We were both trying to find the best spot for wifi.  He lives part time in Aspen, and he just got a gig there fixing up some Steinway’s.   He had just seen the fruits of his labor at the Piano concert they just attended.  Pretty sweet job.  The ride out of S.M. Allende was awesome.   I went through the town of Guanajuato and into Delores Hildalgo on Mex 110d This must be a well know motorcycle road.   Take a quick look at this video to see what it looks like.    Yesterday’s ride was not as fun as I just needed to cover some ground.

Currently, I am in Teotihuacan and I will be visiting the Pyramids (Piramides) before heading to meet Chris Ratay’s friend Armando.   He has been giving me a lot of route advise along the way and it will be good to get there and meet him, speak english, and maybe I can even was some clothes?  One of the first decisions I have to make each day is which pair of underwear and socks is least dirty.   I think I am on rotation number  3.  Hopefully the Piramides give me some inspiration.  Only a few more days of highway riding I hope.   Can’t take much more of it…   I really need to get to smaller roads, dirt, and the shore.    Here are some pics from the last few days.  And here are the captions, you will have to figure out which ones they go with:   I wanted to buy this guys belt, tight squeeze, courtyard of my $62 dollar hotel, girl making flower arrangements,  best local moto I’ve seen here, wow, those people are tall, young couple in the square.  (trying to be a bit artsy with the photos?)  Until we meet again, over and out.   -Poncho


IMG_3947 IMG_3948 P1050064 P1050067 P1050069 P1050074 P1050080 P1050086 P1050089

Jan 25th, Happy Birthday my Love…10 days in

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Jan 25th, Happy Birthday my Love…10 days in

Well, today I write with a bit of sadness.   It is Kristi’s birthday today.   Kristi is my rock, she is the one who cares for me, she is the mother of our beautiful daughter, she is the one who puts up with my crazy ideas, like riding a motorcycle through Mexico.   This post is dedicated to you, love.   I so look forward to seeing you in Belize to celebrate our 14th anniversary.

Being so far away in a foreign country is hard.   The trip is a bit challenging today, as I have to once again, pack everything up and load it back onto my Bike.   Yesterday, coming on MEX 80 & 45  I rode past a massive protest walk.  I’m not sure what it was, but a cast of people of a lower socio economic status was taking up a lane of the highway…and it was a stream of people no less than 20 miles long.  It reminded me of the Boulder Boulder, but these people were at the heart of a struggle.  I saw girls taking off their shoes and crying….I’m not sure what the protest was, but it was gut-wrenching to see.  Anyone know what this was?

As I write, I am in Leon.  It’s an interesting town.   Shoe capital of Mexico.   If you are looking for cheap shoes and amazing Cathedrals, you’ve come to the right place.   The churches/cathedrals are over the top.   Massive, Ornate, and Grandiose.  The catholic church and religion is a Major factor in the part of the world.   This town also seems to have a crazy affliction for wedding dresses.   The town square is really cool…finely manicured trees populate the center of it and restaurants and shops all around and deep bellowing church bells chime every half hour. As I wandered around, there were two weddings going on, which made me think of my own wedding and anniversary coming up.   Here are some photo’s…   Today I press on through Delores Hildalgo to San Miguel de Allende.   I see some twists and turns which offers some excitement.

Happy Birthday Kristi….


IMG_3919 IMG_3928 IMG_3930 IMG_3935 IMG_3936