BBB Moto Adventure

Chris’s Boulder to Belize and Back Moto Adventure

IMG_3619To start off 2015, Chris will embark on a four country, nearly 3000 mile, motorcycle adventure, starting in Boulder, Colorado and completing in Placencia, Belize.

Chris has been inspired to make this trip for several years, and decided there is no better time than the present… and to head south while the temperatures in Boulder keep falling below freezing.

He is inspired to step out of his comfort zone, and see the world from behind the windscreen of his motorcycle.  Besides the journey itself, Chris looks forward to the people that he will meet along the way, as he travels through the American Southwest, Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.  Chris will be sharing how he will be giving back to the people and children, of these countries in blog posts about his Boulder to Belize BMW Adventure.

Please check the blog frequently for the latest updates from his moto adventure, or tune in to the Belize Tree Top Villa Facebook page for updates from on the road.

Chris’ motorcycle journey to Belize

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