Cultural Adventures

Belize is so rich in so many ways.  It is a melting pot of sorts when it comes to the colorful people of Belize.  A peaceful nation with a deep history of Mayan people who live today much like they have lived for hundreds of years.  Feel their history as you visit Mayan ruins and see their arts throughout the land.  The Garifuna offer drumming entertainment you can’t miss, it is the heartbeat of the sea with its carribean roots.  The Creole, descendants of Africa speak a beautiful dialect of their own.  The European Mennonites are easily noticed with their traditional simple way of life.  Many have farms and make wooden furniture.  Along with some spanish influence from the surrounding countries of Guatamala and Mexico, you will find expats from around the world as well as many other peoples in Belize.  English is the primary language to it is easy to engage with the friendly locals!

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