The Owners

Photo of Villa Owners

Guthrie, Chris, RyAnna, & Kristi

More than a decade ago, Chris and Kristi spent their honeymoon exploring Belize.  Over the years, their love for the tropics has taken them to many destinations around the world.  Along with their love for the diverse adventures Belize has to offer and under the spell of pristine, sun-kissed beaches Chris and Kristi saw the unique value that Belize has to offer.  With the convenience of accessibility from the states, Chris and Kristi landed on their Belizean Dream.

Chris and Kristi are raising their daughter RyAnna in the beautiful foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Like her parents, RyAnna loves the outdoors and appreciates the freedom of expression that Belizean adventure has to offer as well as the Villa’s amazing beach.

With over 20 years experience in real estate, Chris has explored investment opportunities everywhere they’ve traveled.  For many reasons and after much research on Belize, they believe they have found the perfect slice of Paradise.  Chris and Kristi hope you enjoy it too!  Upon visiting Belize, you too may fall in love.  Chris would like to take this opportunity to share his passion and connect you to your perfect match, whether it be a place of retreat or a full time residence.  If you realize you just can’t be without Belize anymore, call Chris at 303-522-6211 or email him at, to help you achieve your dreams, your destiny.

We would LOVE to answer any questions you might have.  Please don’t hesitate to call us!  303-522-6211


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