A La Ventosa…hardships, gratitudes…

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A La Ventosa…hardships, gratitudes…

Sometimes the wind comes out of nowhere and knocks you sideways…. And I mean sideways.   The unrelenting godforsaken wind pummeled me for 100 miles.   It’s still gnawing at me now as I type.  When Sjoerd sent me the map saying “wind possible” in this area, I thought nothing of it.    It gusted and it gusted some more.  It kept coming….A La Ventosa!!!  Where was it coming from?  It’s obvious without even asking the Google that this place I have just ridden through must be one of the windiest places on the planet. It has obviously been researched because I’ve driven past at least 100,000 turbines.   Turbines for miles.   When you see them in Colorado they seem so cute as they dot the landscape.   But, here, they are in it for the $$$.   Power and why not?   Harvest it.   Go for it. I will not step foot back in this area again, I’m fairly certain.   Now, it’s like this, when you are riding a motorcycle, you know there is wind of course.   It blasts at you at roughly the speed you are going.   Then when you add the kind of wind I experienced today, at an angle of 45-90degrees, its downright brutal.   To keep the bike up and moving in a straight line, you need to lean as if you were in a turn.   You need to bear down on the hand that is towards the wind and you need to kareen your neck in the same direction.   When the wind let’s up a little you need to correct back lest you head into the opposite lane.   It’s really difficult and scary. Rarely did it let up thought.   I stopped, I waited, I thought of turning back, what can you do, except plow through it.

And, I made it.   I am now on a narrow spit of land in a place called La Luna, outside of a town called Boca de Cielo.   The area I’ve ridden through in the last two days and especially today is very barren.   I feel very exposed when riding.   The heat is Oppressive.   As RyAnna used to say, it’s “Beasting Hot”.   The coconut husk pants are in the luggage.   I’ll take a broken knee cap thank you.   So how did I get here?   I feel fortunate really.   The sunset is going to be spectacular.   As I looked on google last night, I really felt sad that I left Mazunte so quickly.   I should have stayed an extra day there.   Still feeling cheated on beach time, I looked for a place on the map that may offer some promise.   It was Puerto Arista.   Well, puerto arista sucked, so I followed a sign to Boca de Cielo.

THAT WAS YESTERDAY’S unpublished POST because I didn’t have internet.    I ended up taking a boat from Boca de Cielo to La Luna.   Long story, but it was worth it.   I haven’t had internet so, to fill you in, it was a second day of wind riding that followed.  The Agitated, Confounded, Hell bent wind!   Arrggh!   Such a thorn….I hate the wind, my muscles are tight, my psyche frayed like the hundreds of plastic bags clinging to fences.   Ditto above for the second straight day.  Enough already with that…   Here I sit, trying to figure out my border crossing in some Auto-hotel…BUT…The place where I made it to last night was really awesome.   French owned La Luna.   Cabanas on the beach  The wide open Pacific….nothing better than sleeping under a mosquito net with the sounds of the waves and a sheet so thin you can see through it to keep you, covered.    It was a really relaxing night actually.   So, I leave you with this….There are hardships, there are winds, there are Topes (oh, I save this for another post!) there are potholes….there is unrelenting heat…..but….BUT, since this is a self improvement trip.  I wanted to let you know how Grateful I am and express my gratitude.   I know I don’t do this enough, but I am grateful for what I have. I am so grateful to have such a loving family.  I am grateful that I am a realtor, I am grateful that I have a motorcycle….and I am grateful that I am not in the back of a truck with 20 people.   I am grateful that I found such a cool place last night.  I have a truly blessed life, a wonderful home and I am happy to grateful to be alive.   Thanks honey, for making me do my gratitudes finally.   There are so many thoughts that go through my head each day….So, I am happy to get a few thoughts down on paper.  I leave you with these photos from yesterday and last night.    Wish me luck crossing the border tomorrow.   I went to the wrong immigration office already today so, tomorrow I practice PATIENCE.

-Bueno Noche…

“-Pancho was a bandit boy, his horse was fast as polished steel.   He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to feel.   Pancho met his match you know on the deserts down in Mexico, nobody heard his dying words, ah but that’s the way in goes”  Townes Van Zandt….v2 from memory…

The photos seem a bit off from the tone of this post, but it is the ying and yang, the juxtaposition.   Hardships and Gratitudes:  The mighty Pacific, My Hallway, Tequila shak, Sunset, Sunset, Sunset, Sunset, My sleeping chambers:

P1050169 P1050174 P1050180 P1050181 P1050182 P1050194 P1050200 P1050204



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