5 Perks of Buying a Vacation Home in Belize

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5 Perks of Buying a Vacation Home in Belize

VerandaPerhaps you’ve always dreamt of having a vacation home somewhere in the Caribbean, or your own getaway next to a beach.  The owners of Belize Tree Top Villa had the same dream, and purchased the villa in the Cocoplum neighborhood, along the Placencia Peninsula. With the experience of buying a vacation home in Belize, here are a few perks you may not have  realized there are to owning a vacation home in Belize.


Unrealized Perks of Vacation Homes in Belize

1. Vacation Rental Trades – If you have ambitions to travel to more locations, owning in Belize doesn’t have to limit your travels to just Belize.  The vacation rental by owner industry is growing, and many property owners in other destinations may consider trading visits, and ultimately reducing your travel expenses to new locations.

2. Retirement Programs – If you haven’t heard Belize has a program called the Qualified Retired Persons Program, to allow expats to move to Belize, along with many of their assets, tax free to retire.  Your Belize vacation home could become your retirement sanctuary if you wish!

3. Familiarity – While there are different languages and cultures to be found in Belize, the main language is English, which will allow you to easily communicate with a property manager or tourist operators for your own adventures, as well as any guests you may lease your Belize vacation home to.

4. Location – Belize is closer to the mainland than you realize, with direct flights from Houston, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, and Charlotte with several carriers.  The flight from Miami is just 1hr 45min!  The travel time to your vacation home in Belize could be shorter than the annual drive to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving!

5. Community – Just as if you were purchasing your primary residence, the community you live in is an important factor.  Some people are fine living at a resort, or busy tourist destination, but not everyone.  There are coastal cities such as Maya Beach and Placencia Village that are not Disney-like destinations – you can explore local food, from local establishments, and meet the locals while running errands or exploring town.

Have you heard?  The Belize Tree Top Villa is for sale.  We welcome you to visit the villa and find if it is the perfect location and destination for your second home.



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