4 Simple Recipes to Cook Your Catch in Villa’s Kitchen

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Eating out is one of the luxuries of vacation.  But after a long day of adventure, it is also nice to unwind back at the vacation rental home, and spend the night in.  The Belize Tree Top Villa has a fully equipped kitchen ready for you to make a simple or elaborate dinner.  There are appliances, pots, pans and dishes to prepare and enjoy your dinner.
If you went fishing, be brave and cook your catch of the day too!  Snapper is a frequently caught during fishing outings.  Seasonings and side-dishes can be purchased at grocery stores in Placencia and Maya Beach.  We prefer TopValue, which is across from Atlantic Bank, just before reaching Placencia Village from the villa.

We have gathered four different ideas of how to prepare your snapper, or really, most other types of fish, to switch up the menu and eat in for at least four nights of your stay.  (That even gives you an option to go out to eat, every other night, during a week’s stay!)

1. Lemon Snapper with Herbed Butter

This is an excellent recipe to prepare and throw in the oven, and have dinner ready in less than 30 minutes.  The ingredients called for include lemons, paprika, butter, and fresh herbs.  The ingredients are simple, and you may even find that the seasonings are all stocked up in the villa’s kitchen!

Get the full recipe from cookinglight.com.


2. Crumb-Coated Snapper

Contrast the last recipe with the variety of bread crumbs for a delicious main course.  Combine bread crumbs (you can use the toaster available at the villa), parmesan cheese, lemon-pepper seasoning, and salt to cover up each fillet and then cook on a skillet over the stovetop.

Get the full recipe at tasteofhome.com.


3.  Tangy Sauce for Snapper

A delicious fillet of snapper can even be as simple as mixing a few condiments together, and broiling the fillets until they flake with a fork.  With just a couple tablespoons of Dijon mustard and a couple tablespoons of Italian dressing, even the least savvy in the kitchen will find success.

Get the full recipe, along with their recommended side at myrecipes.com


4. Blackened Snapper

Last but not least, a delicious way to enjoy fish fillets is to make a blackening mix, and to pan grill to perfection.  Of the recipes, this calls for the most different seasonings: paprika, salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, thyme and oregano, but leaves a taste that won’t disappoint!

Get the full recipe at littleleopardbook.com.


Have a favorite recipe or want to recommend how to cook snapper easily from your stay at the Belize Tree Top Villa?  Please share recipe ideas in the comments below!



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